e land on earth", "the last Shangri-La", and "the holy land in the sun" for its crystal clear lakes, beautiful mount▓ains and grasslands, swaying trees and fabu▓lous hot springs.But as a Chinese saying goes,▓ amazing scenery is usually appreciated at perilous pe▓aks, indeed people can only come into the holy land of Yadin▓g with diligent and even dangerous explor▓ations.For tourists, i

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What's New Here?

t's a once-fo▓r-ado travel, you c

ome, you appreciate, and then you go. But for most p

eople living there, it ▓means a life-time of isolation from t▓he outside world, a hustling and bustling "n▓ew world".But we, human, all have our dreams

and kids, too. Yet, for kids he

re, compared to their peers in big cities, somehow

, it won't be so easy to realize their dreams.For this Tibetan girl, her wish is to b▓ecome a great singer when she's older.For a boy nam

ed Duoji, whose father died when 

he was an infant at 6 months, he hopes one day he c

ould play on a basketball team. ▓He is a good student in his teachers' eyes. His certificates of merits speak loudly for him.But▓, kids he

re at the beautiful yet remote and

under-developed ▓Daocheng County are studying in cla

▓ssrooms, playing on playgrounds and living in dormitories that are in dismal conditions.However, a group of 22 volunteers from across China, sponsor

ed▓ by Jincheng Ruida Group, open

ed a window fo▓r them to have a glimpse of the outsid

e world, and might help them draw a step closer to their dreams.On May 26, a few days prio▓r to Children's Day which falls on June 1, they visited

three local schools and donated st

ationery, sporting goods, uniforms and daily necessi

ties including flour, milk, seed oil, etc. for ▓students. Although donations won't bri▓ng a substantial change to their lives, but in the long

lands, swa

run, once a

window gets opened and a seed planted, kids from

the scenic Daocheng Cou

nty will find a wider ▓and more colorful world, though not so pure as their holy land, is waiting for them. Hope this w▓ould be a memorable Children&r

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